an inconvenient truth

July 1, 2006

i am too upset to write anything coherent right now. watching that movie tonight was one of the most alarming, upsetting, horrifying moments of my life. there is no question that we are literally destroying our earth. while the movie ended on an upbeat note, urging us that change is possible, part of me has doubts. we dug this hole with greed and ignorance and if these things don’t seem to be going to go away even post-Katrina, i can’t fathom what would need to happen to induce a dramatic-enough change. i am scared for the future. not even the distant future, but soon.

i guess i already knew these things, but i didn’t want to believe them. i feel betrayed, having grown up taking life and the place we live it in for granted. this week’s images and experiences served to annihilate that kind of confidence. and it hurts.

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