September 9, 2006

= the per-mile pace at which i ran my first 5K in forever this morning, for a total time of (something like) 23:23. seriously? i rule! i was sitting here trying to figure out how to announce this personal victory withoout bragging, but then i realized that it’s my blog and if i want to brag in it every single day about how awesome i am, i can.

(not that i will)
(and not that i really think i’m so awesome)

but i’m really proud of this race time, because i don’t think i’ve ever run a mile that was ‘official’ that was under 8 minutes, and now i’ve run 3 of them! in a row! according to the unofficial results guy (who happens to be a surgery intern and lives in this house), i was the 5th woman to finish. we’ll ignore the fact that this was a VERY small event and just be excited. i am a totally ungifted runner who is completely anal about training, and it’s nice to see that it does pay off to some extent. i may never be fast fast, but i will settle for fast for me. yeah!

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