December 26, 2006

to anyone who came back to see i had posted in the last couple of weeks: thank you for checking in and thinking of me, and i’m really, really sorry you had to look at that last post’s title for such a long time. i just realized how annoying it must have looked, and i apologize.

i have been really sporadic about writing lately, and i’m not sure why. nothing terribly huge has happened, but that’s certainly not an abnormality. i am still stressing over residency, stressing over the boards (which i have now moved to january 18th and will be taking them in miami), and stressing over stressing too much during this incredibly EASY time. i suppose a few updates are in order . . .

interviews: i’m done! no more donning my espresso brown suit and pretending to be excited about touring a hospital (as they all look basically the same to me). oh, and thank you to those who participated in the shoe election! i got at least one shoe-related compliment at every single interview i went to, and they weren’t even that hard to walk in. the best part of interviewing was that i got to visit vickie at UVA and my parents in philadelphia. the worst part was driving to these places. it was fun meeting the other pediatrics applicants — i met some people who i really liked and would love to work with, and others who were . . . well, one immediately got all defensive upon seeing the institution printed on my name tag and started telling me about her undergraduate and graduate GPAs 30 seconds into the conversation and how UNFAIR her medical school application process was. just, wow. i am looking forward to match day and having all of this settled already.

vacation!: i am greatly enjoying my time off from work, but i haven’t really done anything significant with it yet (no wild parties, trips to cancun, etc). i have seen a totally random assortment of some great movies: war games, an 80s classic starring matthew broderick before he did ferris bueller, the queen, which i didn’t think sounded that exciting but which i loved, and finally the sound of music, which just randomly happene to be on TV but was even better than i remembered it. and i just finished reading pledged, an expose of sorority life. i’m glad i wasn’t in one (not that it was even an option at the college i attended).

running: after a brief scare where i thought i had stress-fractured my foot, it turns out that i am as bad at sports medicine as i thought i was and the injury was really nothing. in fact, i had a rather groundbreaking long run this past weekend where my average pace for 14 miles (there were 17 total, with 14 at ‘race pace’) was 8:06. i actually didn’t know i could run that fast, especially for that long, and now i’m all psyched for my marathon in january. i don’t necessarily think that this is my time to qualify for boston, but i think i’ve reached a point where i can start trying, which is exciting.

up ahead: more vacation, more studying, and a trip to miami (with a weekend in key west). i am getting too used to this life.

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