January 12, 2007

of course i want one of these damn things. there is something powerful about that apple brand. never mind that my iPod broke after one year (although it is revivable when i bang it against things really hard), my shuffle broke 3 times (although they replaced it every single time, usually within ONE DAY), our Mac Mini was heartbreakingly slow, and my iBook tends to behave but does occasionally present the Spinning Rainbow Wheel of Death (what macs do when they freeze — cute, huh?), and that’s just annoying. there’s just something about their products that draws me in. i don’t even really know what the iPhone does or how much it would cost to be able to use it with email capabilities and all that — i just want it. apple could probably release products like iSock and iPaperclip and iDishwasherDetergent and i would want them, too.

this is all meaningless anyway because:
a) obviously, i can’t afford at $500 phone
b) i have a jillion year contract with verizon anyway. bastards.


i have my sports medicine appointment today. i am prepared to do what they tell me, whether i like it or not. i have been biking for the past couple of days and it hasn’t been bad, but it feels so much less natural and is just not as fun. i think i will have a new appreciation for running, once i can actually do it again. i can’t wait.

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