miami edition, part 2

January 27, 2007

our miami vacation is nearing its end, which is going to be sad because i’ve rather gotten used to the sun and an incredibly luxuriant lifestyle of leisure. i have finally perfected my daily miami-vacation routine, which goes something like this each day:

9:00: wake up
9:30: eat breakfast downstairs (either kashi go lean with cranberries and soy milk or oatmeal with banana and peanut butter — trust me, it’s good) while reading the ‘tropical life’ section of the miami herald and drinking tons of coffee
10:15: play on internet, read, and whine about not being able to run while josh studies (he is taking a big surgical exam called the ABSITE today, and sadly had to devote most of his vacation to studying. i tried to laze around enough for the both of us.)
11:30: go (stationary) biking for 30 minutes to an hour. lots of sweaty intervals. afterwards, shower.
1:00: lunch while josh takes a much-needed study break.
2:00: various indulgent activities, such as reading the evidence of things unseen (excellent vacation choice), going to the movies (notes on a scandal: two thumbs up), or strolling down lincoln road in south beach and drooling at anthropologie dresses i can’t afford
8:00: dinner, either out with various family members or a cooking project
10:00: watch tv
11:30: sleep in fits while scratching mosquito bites (the one downside to the tropics).

i’m actually ready to get back to work, but this has been fantastic. even without the marathon. and it’s supposed to be near 80 degrees and drizzling tomorrow, anyway. who would want to run in that??

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