January 13, 2007

i know that all 4 of my devoted readers (ok, maybe 8) are waiting with bated breath to see what the sports medicine doctor said yesterday, right? well, (drumroll, please . . .) she said i can still run the marathon!! so miami — watch out!

i apparently have insertional achilles tendonitis and some retrocalcaneal bursitis, but i don’t think she thought it was terribly severe, which is great. with better stretching (ie, longer than the 10-second routine i normally do!), use of NSAIDS (naproxen), and icing, she thinks i will be able to run the marathon, and is not worried about me causing any permanent damage. i also got a heel airlift to wear for the next two weeks and during the marathon*, which sort of takes the pressure off of the achilles, and a brace to wear at night to keep the ankle flexed to stretch it out better. she even gave me the okay to start doing some running now, mixed with cross-training. i am going to attempt 3 miles running + 30 minutes biking today.

i am so happy.

* i always thought the people who were running marathons with various braces on were probably either stupid, crazy, or both, and now i’m one of them!

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