out of my hands

February 22, 2007

also, it’s national ‘match rank list is due today!’ day. some giant supercomputer (or just some laptop somewhere) is crunching the numbers, lining up the choices of senior medical students with those of all the residency programs. my (short) list has been in for a long time. i am not going to say outright where i want to end up, but keeping in mind that

a) josh is already an intern in the area


b) i don’t really like change

— it becomes pretty obvious what i would like to happen in march. however, as long as i match to one of the programs on my (short, very short) list, i will be happy. thrilled, actually. we get to find out on monday, march 12 (my mother’s birthday! she’s turning 29 again!) if we have matched and on thursday, march 15 exactly where.

the next 3 years of my life will be set in stone. i can’t wait!


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