March 19, 2007

i was terribly whiny in that last post, huh? sorry about that. it’s not always easy having THE EASIEST LIFE IN THE WORLD. it gets boring, you know? as elementary as it sounds, i really need to make a list of things to do when bored. there is really no excuse for being bored, even while essentially mateless and with little expendable cash. at very worst, there has to be a top model marathon on or something, right??

ha. seriously, though. this is something i need to work on. it really can be hard: i saw josh for approximately 1 hr while he was awake this entire weekend. he left to take call on saturday morning at 5 am, returned sunday at 3:30, and was in bed by 4:30. at least this week is better. even though it’s temporary and soon enough we will both be overextended and sleep-deprived, i need to make sure that i am enjoying my freedom, not waiting for it to be over because of not knowing what to do with myself.

this week, i will at least be occupied during the day. we are back in class, and this week the focus is on practical lectures that are supposed to help make us less freaked out about being interns in just a few short months (AHH!!). i can’t tell if everyone is going to be all serious now, because our fates seem that much more real, or cocky and obnoxious because ‘hey, i already matched!’. probably some of each.

i had a dream last night that i matched into dermatology. i also dreamed that some guy jumped out of the back seat of my car and put a knife on my throat, which was really scary and i screamed a little and woke josh up. but back to the first one — it’s odd to think that while perhaps i COULD have been a dermatologist (i really did have a decent record in school, despite the fact that i can’t give you the anatomical name for anything), i’ve basically closed that door in favor of a career that tends to be more demanding and pays about 4-fold less. but at least i won’t have to look at rashes all day.

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