March 14, 2007

we had some sort of integrative medicine extravaganza today. my reactions ranged from ‘cool!’ (there’s yoga at the VA!) to ‘ok . . .’ (hypnotic anesthesia?) to ‘whaaaaat?’ (reiki). as part of the reiki demo, i was ‘given reiki’, which meant that energy was flowing from some higher power through the reiki practitioner and into my body. apparently. after we finished, the woman said she sensed a creativity about me, especially of the visual arts type. um, sorry: no. i almost felt bad as i let her down with the truth.

also? we match tomorrow. i am no longer stressed (after all, my choices are limited and they would both be fantastic) but excited for celebration, champagne included. tomorrow it all becomes final, and maybe even a little bit real.

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  • Reply Curo March 10, 2019 at 7:14 pm

    Reiki means universal (rei) life-force energy (ki. . .like chi or qi). Ki is something that flows through all things. Imbalances or blockages in your ki lead to illness and conflict. Reiki is a system of directing ki (like acupuncture or chinese medicine) by placing hands on the body, and around the body in its energy field. This enhances the flow of energy and clears blockages, enabling the body to heal itself.

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