6: chew on this

May 8, 2007

next time i have a dentist appointment, i won’t plan on cleaning 3 bathrooms that same day. now both my gums and my soul hurt. not the best day i’ve ever had, but i suppose it wasn’t the worst.

random trivia: i have extremely reactive, hyperfunctioning salivary glands. in fact, ever since my orthodontist appointments, this is remarked on by every hygienist who has the bad luck of having to work on me. i usually spend half of my dentist appointments wincing at the awful tooth-scraping noise (i hate that) and the other half choking on my own spit. today my hygienist helpfully suggested that perhaps i could do well in a hot-dog eating contest, as i wouldn’t have to waste time wetting the buns. um, yeah.

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  • Reply Quality Tale March 10, 2019 at 7:32 pm

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