4 down, 1092 to go

July 2, 2007

the residency countdown begins! from this standpoint, it seems presumptuous to think that i really will be able to make the transition from supergreen intern to ready-to-be-on-my-own in that number of days, but i suppose the system is relatively tried and true. and i guess that is a fair amount of days. it’s the same length as, say, middle school! although nothing could possibly seem as long as 1991-94.

i certainly haven’t made much progress in Physician Development in the last two days. it seems so wrong (and yet so delicious!) that i get weekends entirely off on this first month. i mean, i feel inept as it is, and now there are new patients on the service that i haven’t even seen before, not to mention 11 others that i really don’t know all that well. i still could fit my knowledge of preemie-care into a preemie-sized little finger, and trust me, that is SMALL. and yet i’m given 2 days to rest and rejuvenate? from what? i’m going to need those days later a lot more than i do now, when my adrenaline is running high and i’m just dying not to feel like an idiot every hour on the hour.

it was still a nice weekend, though. i accomplished the following:

• laundry!
• grocery shopping
• two runs at the air conditioned gym, a 5-miler and a 10 (today)
• 20 minutes of weight training
• pickup of my non-coke-bottle appearing glasses *
• baking of brownies (white chocolate)
• making of caramelized onion & goat cheese pizza **
• mailing of some gifts to mysterious places
• bill paying
• ordering a giant pediatrics text from amazon ***
• some reading on neonatal jaundice
• obsession over my patient list
• more than enough sleep

god, i rule. i got so much done, and i really enjoyed myself, although i would have been even happier if josh had been home for more than 5 hours of all that. i really i am really going to miss these weekends when they are gone, like, next month.

* although they still distort my face like crazy. i guess you really can’t escape that with a -14.25 diopter lens, huh?

** okay, fine, a pre-made crust was involved

*** and the upcoming harry potter. i couldn’t help myself.

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  • Reply Denise March 10, 2019 at 7:32 pm

    Good luck with the rest of the 1092…we&#039ll be thinking of you!

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