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October 9, 2007

did you know they sell laptops for $450? and that they actually work . . . decently? sure, it’s not my ibook (ie, my baby), but it will do for now. until state farm makes it christmas in october at our house, anyway.

things that have happened in the last 10 days

1. my hair is straight! i finally took the plunge and got my hair thermally reconditioned (ie, japanese straightened). 4 hrs and many $$$$ later, i have the hair of my dreams. it is as if i ironed it — except i don’t have to actually do anything! it has been morphed into new hair. the only bad part is that a) i don’t think i could ever go back and b) i live in fear of the magic wearing off.

2. i bonded with my neice and nephew (in 2 separate states). and yes: margaux (here) and max (here) — are fully wired. max actually has a blog too (despite being 3 weeks old) but i couldn’t find it. no google presence yet, i guess. you have to be 1 month of age for that.

3. vacation was awesome. i was BEYOND lazy. i slept a lot. a LOT. and i didn’t follow my running schedule (oops). i did have one decent (very hilly) run in philadelphia and 2 WAY TOO HOT runs in miami. i am back on track though. as of tomorrow. i hope.

4. i am the new ID fellow. this i am not quite so happy about. apparently the fellow is off studying for her boards or something and i am the ONLY resident on the service (before, there were like 6 of us!). i have to cover the fellow pager and the problem is i don’t know HIV from Hib. no one is going to be happy to page ID and have an intern answer, but oh well. it’s what they are going to get.

5. and speaking of intern, DUDE, grey’s anatomy is really irritating me with their portrayal of interns as lost little sheep in the pasture. DUMB lost little sheep. while we may not know as much as our seniors, i would argue that we serve an invaluable role and trust me, everyone would miss us sorely if we were gone (who would write all the notes???). and furthermore, meredith and gang themselves were interns just a mere month ago, and yet they were never depicted as incompetant dead-weight morons. i would boycott the show, but i like to make fun of it too much.

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