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November 18, 2007

why is it that the heme/onc team had consistently 16 – 21 patients on it the entire month, and now that i’m leaving, it has like 7? oh well. i guess it’s nice to have gotten used to covering a load like that so that i can feel spoiled when i start NICU tomorrow and only have to deal with 6 babies. (6 very tiny, helpless, tenuously-dangling-over-the-cliff-of-life babies, but 6 nonetheless). fine, i’m scared. but what else is new? i’m now wise enough to know that it’s inevitable for anxiety to kick in several days before a rotation, and that i will eventually get over it. i just hope i like it, at least a little bit. otherwise, it will be a long 6 weeks . . .

anyway, i can’t believe my heme/onc month is over. it was hard, but more in a stressful always-feeling-slightly-overwhelmed way than in an actually hard-cerebral way. i whined a lot, but i’m actually sad to be leaving. especially considering the census is 7.

accomplishments during my heme/onc month
– learned to write notes in record time
– learned to write for transfusions while practically asleep
– learned to not blink an eye seeing hemoglobins of 4 (ok, that one made me wince a little) and platelets of 10 on AM labs
– actually got some sleep on 2 or 3 call nights
– kept running and even PR’d in a half marathon (1:46:56 at outer banks!)
– managd to do a couple of fun things and even cooked dinner a bunch of times.

stay tuned: NICU update tomorrow! and, because i’m psycho, an announcement

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