January 7, 2008

nothing like 5 miles in the dark before 7 am to make me feel like a total badass.

life is so nice right now that i can almost forget that i spent the 10 weeks from thanksgiving to christmas feeling like a scullery maid. one wonderful characteristic of my residency program is that it really does have valleys and peaks so that you have periods of very intense work, and other times when you can actually live life.

like now. i can’t believe i just had a REAL weekend. i’m so high on it that i feel the need to expand.

saturday i bought out harris teeter (seriously, we now have our own grocery store in our kitchen) and i’m not sure what else i did, but it wasn’t stressful. josh and i partied with surgeons on saturday night (surprisingly: kind of fun!). yesterday i had a blissful 18 miler with friends and spent the afternoon taking advantage of some serious sales at the mall. my winter wardrobe was in serious need of an update, and i picked up 3 sweaters (banana republic), a top for going out (same), a pair of awesomely bright blue cordoroys (jcrew), and a teal dress that is actually work appropriate (my favorite store of all, benetton).

this week i want to:
• do some rheumatology related reading each day
• try out my yoga dvds
• clean up our house
• continue cooking (made some shrimp ‘n’ grits last night) even when josh isn’t home to share in the bounty

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