fresh meat

March 20, 2008


no, not that kind. but seriously . . .

tomorrow, we get to see who next year’s interns will be! i am terrifically excited about this, just because it is ONE step closer to no longer having to fill this position myself. not that it’s really that bad, actually, but i’m just sick of the pages, the pages, and the PAGES. oh, and also the paperwork and the discharge summaries. and being bossed around all day. put someone else on the front lines, you know?

in other news, i had a productive day today. not only did i discharge 2 patients and do all of the prep work for another to go home tomorrow, but i left work at a reasonable time, went to spin class, and made salmon with caramelized leeks, wild rice, and steamed vegetables for dinner.

i am very satisfied with march 19th, 2008. and now i will go pass out.

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