the jury’s out but the judge has spoken

March 13, 2008

so i think i’m going to run my marathon. i’m not 100% better and running is not pain-free. but it’s not terrible, either, and as i warmed up over the course of my ‘trial run’ (heh) today, it lessened instead of increasing in intensity. i am somewhat alarmed by the results i get when i google ‘iliopsoas tendonitis’, which is what i think i have. articles and articles referring to chronic terrible pain from this entity and the the need for weeks and weeks of rest to make it stop. but then again, i think that 99.9% of medical information on the internet is dreck and quackery. so, yeah.

i will admit that the idea of taking a month — ok, fine, even a couple weeks — of total rest sounds like absolute torture to me. i guess i could deal with cross-training for a while. i just really feel like my mind and body are USED to running regularly, and i have grown to sort of need it. i suppose there are worse addictions, but there are also probably better ones.

so in sum, i’m not convinced that running this race isn’t totally stupid, but i’m going to do it anyway.
(i know, lots of double negatives. and waffling. and not a lot of logic. THAT’s what this year has done to me.)

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    Hmmmm…."if run hurts any more than a tiny twinge — basically forget about the marathon and commit to some slow rebuilding."What happened to the plan?!

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