March 1, 2008

what if i try to write every day this month? i guess i’ll either run out of things to say, or realize that my life is more exciting than i thought.

today: the last long run (18 miles) of my marathon training cycle. 8:45 average pace. i have to admit that i will be happy to take a break from dedicating every weekend day off to a 3 hour pounding-of-the-pavement.

tomorrow: last heme/onc & cardiology call night as an intern, EVAH. actually, i suppose i could get called in for jeopardy to do another one. that would suck.

anticlimactic: moving from a ward month to another ward month. exciting.

goals for this month:
• read something academic at least 20 days of the month
• teach the med students something
• enjoy my race no matter how it goes

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