maybe next year i’ll learn stuff

March 5, 2008

although i’ve learned almost every nuance of how to schedule follow-up appointments, how to respond to many pages without having to get off my butt, and how to get someone ELSE (ie, the phlebotomists) to do as many of the necessary blood draws as possible, i don’t know how i’m doing in terms of actual learning about, like, doctor stuff. this is

a) because while at work, i still spend a hideous percentage of time doing things like scheduling follow-ups, answering random pages, and all that jazz

b) because while i really enjoy conferences and make a decent attempt to go, i can rarely sit there for 10 minutes without getting paged

c) because i get home from work and all i want to do is run, read trash, eat, and sleep (usually in that order).

i’m really going to put in a better effort to read more. i definitely do learn the most when i focus on the problems impacting my current patients. but part of me is okay with the fact that this year is sort of an academic bust. maybe when i’m not being flagged down because someone DESPERATELY needs diaper rash cream every 13 minutes, i’ll be able to focus.


ps: yes, i am serious about the hair. and i am operating under the assumption that (with a touch-up of my japanese straightening) it will not be hard to style in the morning. if i’m wrong, then i guess i’ll just have bad hair. i dont really think that’s much of a step down from my current everpresent ponytail.

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