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March 11, 2008

being postcall is just so weird. no matter how much sleep i accumulate while in the hospital (this ranges anywhere from zero to four hours, although not usually in a row), i have an urgent need to nap for at least four hours once i arrive at home. kind of cuts into the day, you know? there were even a few really rough NICU call nights where i just came home and slept until the next morning. but i try not to do that because it is sort of pathetic and makes me feel sad.

i had a good call night and right now i’m actually enjoying my ward month, but i’m still feeling down about my hip/groin/whatever pain. meaning: it still exists, to some extent, and the marathon just SIX days away! i have a plan, though, which always helps my mental status.

the PLAN:
• continue rest until wednesday (that will be 4 days totally off)
• continue NSAIDS to control inflammation
• make easy running attempt on wednesday
—> if run hurts any more than a tiny twinge — basically forget about the marathon and commit to some slow rebuilding. i’ve done it before and lived to tell the tale.
—> tiny twinge but not much more — cut run short, make last ditch attempt on friday, but accept that it’s probably a lost cause
—> pain free (hoping for this option) — complete an easy run, do another on friday, and just hope that the maxi-taper is effective!

this is the second time in a row that i’ve gotten injured towards the end of a long training plan. i think that for my next race, i am going to go for a 12-week program instead of 16 or 18 — maybe my body just can’t handle so many long runs in a row. anyway, we’ll see. but i am done with the intense depressive-moping stage of things. thank god.

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