breaking the silence

April 10, 2008

i used to have long hair, and now i don’t.
i’m okay with this.

i used to love running and training for races, and now i can’t.
(maybe forever).
i’m not so okay with this.

so much change. so little time.

i’m trying not to let my MRI result* (and uncertain prognosis) ruin my vacation. i have still been sleeping up a storm and eating good food and seeing family and RELAXING. but i’m still kind of sad.

* torn/partially detached labrum in the right hip joint. the labrum is apparently some piece of cartilage that they don’t teach you about in med school (or maybe i just forgot). anyway, it can tear and cause irritation/pain at that joint, and it does not heal well on its own. it CAN be asymptomatic, so there is no guarantee that it is causing my symptoms. but it probably is. and that is bad.