June 8, 2008

i know it’s been a while.

the end of intern year is approaching, but the road to this point has not been easy. in the last couple of months, my mood and my energy have not been great, and my fuse has become shamefully short. little things have been getting to me for no good reason, and i have had to force myself to socialize or do anything other than lie around and mope and do necessities like the laundry. sad, but true. i honestly think that accumulated sleep debt has a LOT to do with it, as well as the fact that i haven’t been running as much as i used to, and so i’m not getting the natural antidepressent effect of my own endorphins.

but i think the tides are starting to turn. i’m thankfully NOT on call this month, and am halfway through a relaxing weekend off. i slept ELEVEN hours on friday night and about nine last night. i had a halfway decent run yesterday (although i am a slow, lame, lumbering shadow of my former runner-self) and i am just feeling more like myself again.

and in 2.5 weeks, shiny new interns are going to come rushing in, proudly wearing their fresh & clean long white coats, and i will experience the pure joy of handing the responsibility and label of INTERN off to someone else. oh god, that day will be sweet.


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