June 21, 2008

ok, fine, i’m still an intern. but before i shake off the shackles of PGY1, i think it is time to look back a little.

10 things i learned during intern year

1. it is important to listen to the nurses. they know a lot, and unless they are new, they have likely seen more than i have. we are on the same side, after all.

2. i cannot really survive 30 hours straight with no sleep, and therefore sneaking any nap when possible is key.

3. and also, chronic sleep deprivation makes me bitchy and inefficient.

4. it is a lifesaver to be working with people you like (and horrendous when this is not the case).

5. how to do a lumbar puncture on a writhing neonate (still working on how to do a reliably non-bloody LP, but whatever.)

6. i am going to have to actually start regularly reading to progress beyond where i am now

7. it is possible to take q4h call on the wards and NICU and train for a marathon at the same time, and completely worth it (even if i did get hurt just before the actual race)

8. it is ok to sometimes just be pathetic and give in to the fact that going to bed at 9 pm on a friday night can be therapeutic and necessary in certain situations

9. free junky crappy food is far inferior to non-free healthy food, and i will NEVER feel like doing any work after eating a burrito at noon

10. i so picked the right career. i really love taking care of children and interacting with families. leaving the phD program 2 years ago was the best decision i ever made. (so sometimes, quitters DO win.)


  • Reply Bridgette March 10, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    Sounds like you&#039ve learned a lot 🙂 I can&#039t believe you are finishing your intern year. I am so envious! And if I had it to do over again, I absolutely would&#039ve left the PhD too. Good decision–I&#039m double envious!

  • Reply P.O.M. March 10, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    What a crazy, amazing year you&#039ve had. I frequently go to bed around 9pm and it&#039s all good!

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