crumpet, anyone?

July 4, 2008

happy independence day! or not. i mean, if we had lost the revolutionary war, maybe we colonials would still be drinking tea, eating crumpets, and speaking with elegant british accents. sure, we’d all have bad teeth, but we’d drink a lot of beer out at pubs and eat lots of takeaway curry. are those things really so bad? i guess paying taxes to the king would be a bitch, though. so it’s probably good that we won. i don’t know if the king would be handing out stimulus rebates.

yesterday, or pseudo-friday, was fun. i got to hang out at a bronchoscopy and see the murky insides of a pulmonary patient’s lung. it actually turned my stomach far more than any gory bowel or brain surgery i had seen in medical school, because most of the procedure was spent chasing after and sucking out large gobs of mucus with the bronchoscope. ew. also, we left a lot in there just because it was not possible to clean everything out (the bronch was more for diagnostic sample-collection purposes rather than a therapeutic spring cleaning of the lung), and that was unsatisfying.

so no, i am not going to become a pulmonologist. but clinic was good. i really like clinic in general – following patients long term, chatting with them, thinking about their disease processes one at a time. anyway.

i started off my 4th with a run outside. this was rather momentous, as i don’t think i’ve been outside since my injury. i think part of me was scared to see what would happen. but my gym was closed, and i wanted to see how i would handle some tempo work when the speed was up to me, not the treadmill. and it went well! no pain whatsoever. plus, it was pretty out and there were lots of other runners/bikers out even at 7 am. i need to get outside more.

warmup: 1.15 mile warmup, 9:38/mi
tempo: 1 mile in 8:07 followed by 1 minute recovery
tempo: 1 mile in 7:47 followed by 1 minute recovery
tempo: 0.75 mile in 6:06 (8:08/mi pace), followed by 1 minute recovery
tempo: 0.75 mile in 5:48 (7:45/mi pace), followed by 1 minute recovery
cooldown: 1.15 mile cooldown, 9:20/mi

overall = 5.8 miles in 49:37



workout: rest day

reading: 30 minutes on CF

cooking: um, or lack thereof. i did make a summery salad w/ spinach, peppers, tomato, chick peas, blue cheese, and woodstock dressing which i am currently obsessed with.

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