July 8, 2008

i’m definitely more of a geek than a freak. [side note: that show RULED, by the way. josh and i just plowed through all 18 episodes and i had a conniption when the last one ended with all plotlines completely up in the air. so unsatisfying!]

so far — and yes, it’s only july, but still — i am feeling much more academic this year. i’m not sure whether it’s my rested state or my ‘new year!’ energy, but i’m finding myself pretty engaged in conferences and lectures these days. actually, i think part of it is that with more experience, more and more of what is talked about applies to some patient scenario that i’ve been involved in, and that just makes everything more inherently interesting and potentially useful for future situations.

or maybe it’s just true geekiness coming out. whatever works, i guess. back to pulmonary today. oh, and endocrine went well and no one did anything scary on the floor while i played resident/intern for one of the ward teams, so that was a relief.



run: 5 mile tempo run, 0.5% incline.
– warmup: 1 mile @ 9:13/mi
– 2 miles tempo @ 8:06/mi + 2 minutes recovery
– 1 mile tempo @ 8:06/mi + 1 minute recovery
– 1 mile cooldown

reading: 30 minutes spent finishing a long review on cystic fibrosis

cooking: artichoke-stuffed chicken breasts with tomato salad. it amazes me how many recipes are online these days. there’s almost no point of cookbooks (although i still like them anyway).

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