July 14, 2008

we moved from a house to an apartment in october. it was a fairly impulsive decision made weeks after our house was broken into (and rifled-through with a fine-toothed comb for anything of value) and neither of us felt good living there anymore. we were going to move anyway, because josh was commuting 30+ minutes to work at the time, and wasn’t great. but the great Break In of September ’07 was what really pushed us on out of there.

we still own our house. i know, i’m making it sound SO appealing, but really it is a nice house despite the Incident. pretty wood floors, a crumbling (but charming) antique tobacco shed in the backyard, 2.5 bathrooms (which i miss), and a big green yard. unfortunately, the economy is not on our side, and it has been on the market 6 months now. we pay rent to our apartment + mortgage payments every month, which is somewhat draining but i will admit that those together still probably add up to less than what one would spend for an NYC studio.

anyway, my point — we definitely downsized when we moved to an apartment. but i actually really love it. less to clean, no yard to mow, and my favorite part — my mini-office, which is a little desk-alcove in the kitchen. as odd as that sounds, it serves my purposes quite well as the epicenter of computing, recipe-finding, and studying smack in the center of our space so that i can hear everything that josh is up to (usually a video game). i prefer it to my old ‘office’ in our former residence, which was basically half of the dining-room table. this way i don’t have to dismantle everything when we have people over for dinner.

above: close-up (click to enlarge if necessary) showing what intern year did to me. actually, i admit i have always been a list-maker but the check-boxes are something new that i am now stuck with likely for the rest of my days. because checking stuff off is SO EFFING SATISFYING! and for the record, i got it all done except for ‘clean BR’, which means bathroom. oh well.



run: 7.5 miles at 0.5% incline, speeds varying between 9:13/mi and 8:49/mi. i should have gone outside but it already felt hot by the time i was ready to go.

reading: 30 minutes on hepatitis B from an older issue of peds in review. i need to get to work on my morning report presentation for next monday, though. so this week’s reading/studying will be mostly focused on that . . .

cuisine: usually we don’t go out 3 times in one weekend . . . but somehow that’s what happened this time! we went to thai cafe last night and had basil rolls, massaman curry, shrimp with baby corn stir-fry, and pad thai (shared between 4 people). this was great but yesterday’s true culinary highlight was my cherry-lime popsicle from locopops. also, HOW CUTE is their logo? i just want to eat it.


  • Reply Kath March 10, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    interesting about your house/apt! Do you plan on buying again when the old one sells? I LOVE todo lists too – have you tried ELECTRONICALLY checking a box is even more satisfying!!! Plus, you can color code too 🙂

  • Reply Sarah Hart-Unger March 10, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    hi kath!!

    i don’t think we will buy again in the area because at most we are only here for another 5 years and the pain of selling has me pretty convince i don’t want to go through that again! plus, rent is so affordable here. we plan on eventually settling in miami (where josh is from) so we will buy there.

    as for the todoist it definitely looks cool but i am in LOOOVE with paper. i have 8 jillion cute little notebooks that make me unreasonably happy so i don’t think i could ever make the switch. plus i like having access to my lists/organization even when i am not on the computer. but the color coding is nice!

  • Reply Momneedsanap March 10, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    I found your blog online and I love reading it! You are so dedicated!….. in everything that you do! You’re going to be an amazing Pediatrician.

    It’s wonderful to read your blog during my down-time at 1am in the morning. I relish my night time alone as I’m a stay-at-home-mom to two active boys under 5 years old in Los Angeles, CA.

    I mean, you’re dedicated to a residency program — can’t be easy.

    You cook 30 minute meals when you could just microwave a frozen dinner — as a mom, YES, I have used my microwave to cook frozen meals in desperation when my boys won’t eat the dinner I made. YES, I’ve tried telling them that if they don’t eat dinner, then they can wait for breakfast as I’m not a short order cook. It doesn’t work.

    Running and working out during your residency? — the only exercise I get these days are running after my two boys and telling them it’s not OK to swing on the chandelier.

    Thank you for giving me inspiration that I could too run and work-out and make lovely dinners. Oh to dream… of sending my boys off to summer camp next year.

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