July 11, 2008

i want a running skirt. i don’t know if it’s a fond flashback to my cheerleading past, or just the fact that they look like they would be flattering, but i just kind of do. former track jocks may not approve, but that’s a lost cause in my case, given that i’m the kind of runner who:

• trains and races with an iPod 100% of the time
• does most (fine, pretty much all) of her weekday runs on the treadmill
• reads US weekly, cooking light, elle, and YES — runner’s world while running on said treadmill
• won’t run outside if there is even a remote chance of storms

i have noticed that people who ran as high school athletes tend to seem disappointed when i tell them these things. some believe that one can only be classified as a real runner when they carve routes all over town and run in the bleakest of conditions.

and to that, i say ‘fine,’ as i race on past in a cute little skirt, tunes blaring from the nano. ok fine, that’s in my fantasy world. but i enjoy my style of running and i am into training, racing and improving. i own (and have read) daniels’ running formula and pfitzinger’s advanced marathoning. i plan my race schedules out a year at a time. i’ve run three marathons and 5-6 halves, survived an 81-mile training week (that’s my personal record) and have had 2 very badly-timed injuries (ie, the reason why i probably should never run 81-mile weeks). so i consider myself “real.”

real enough to wear a really fabulous running skirt.



run: tempo run, 0.5% incline, 5.5 mi total
– 1 mile warmup @ 9:13/mi
– 1 mile @ 8:06/mi pace, 1 minute recovery + 1K @ 7:53/mi pace, 1 minute recovery
– and repeat: 1 mile @ 8:06/mi pace, 1 minute recovery + 1K @ 7:53/mi pace, 1 minute recovery
– 1 mile cooldown @ 9:13/mi

reading: after being subjected to a 200-question exam in the afternoon, i decided to take the day off from scholarly pursuits to prevent my brain from exploding all over the place

cooking: none — josh ate some leftovers, and i made an arugula/feta/hummus wrap. i guess that counts as cooking. kind of.


  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    That new issue of Runner’s World really got me wanting a skirt too. Especially since everytime I wear shorts, I spend my entire run tugging them.

  • Reply Jessica March 10, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    Sarah you are definitely a real runner, skirt or not! I would NEVER say that someone as obviously dedicated to running and fitness as you are isn’t a “real” runner. Kudos on the reading while on the treadmill. I could never accomplish that.

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