4 hours

August 20, 2008

in a timespan of 4 hours, i could:

– run a marathon!
– cook a (very) gourmet meal
– drive from chapel hill to DC or asheville
– get in a great workout and head to the spa for a massage and then mani/pedi
– watch magnolia in its mammoth entirety, or FOUR episodes of grey’s anatomy
– get in a VERY satisfying nap

and yet, 4 hours does not seem to be enough time to finish morning rounds in the PICU.

i’ve never been one of those people who hates rounds, which is essentially the mulling over of each patient and figuring out the best plan for the day. until now! with all the pimping! the attitude! the inefficiency DESPITE acting obsessed with efficiency! the repetitive discussions about all the cardiac babies that we have day after day after day.

i don’t know if it’s obvious from my posts (um, probably), but i am pretty much miserable these days and i want this month to end.



workout: did not happen.

cooking: did not happen.

but finally: i made it to bed at 8. i thought maybe i would wake up refreshed and in a good mood, but APPARENTLY NOT.

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  • Reply Tanya March 10, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    Hang in there! It’ll be over soon…

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