August 7, 2008

i was tagged by (gorgeous, of course) model jess from model behavior to complete the question below. i love her blog because it reminds me of one of my favorite tv shows, the completely ridiculous but deliciously entertaining (to me anyway) america’s next top model.

6 unspectacular quirks about me:

1. i have the worst eyesight of anyone i know, other than my parents. i wear contacts with a -12.0 prescription on the left and –11.0 on the right. i don’t know exactly what that number means, but the more negative, the more bad, and i am at the limit of what my acuvues even come in. i got glasses when i was 2 years old and attribute my very bad spatial and directional skills to walking around in a blurry world for my early formative years. i think this make sense, anyway, and i like having an excuse. i do have super nerdy, high-power glasses but only really wear them right before i go to sleep.

2. i have a really long tongue.

3. i used to be super-flexible — splits were no problem and if i sat down with my legs out i could very easily put my head on the floor several feet in front of me. this was probably related to 7 years of cheerleading in middle/high school with tons of stretching. now i can’t even touch my toes with my legs entirely straightened and i feel like my tendons have all turned to stone. thanks, running!

4. unless there are new episodes of top model, grey’s anatomy or desperate housewives, i don’t watch tv. and yes, i realize that all 3 of these shows are all trashy and kind of dumb, but i love them! we actually don’t have any tv (no cable, and in this area that means no reception, period) at home other than what we can watch online. i watch the abc shows for free on their website and actually PAY to watch top model on itunes.

5. i have perfect pitch, or at least i used to. i think it’s declined over the years because i’m not really involved in music much anymore. but i can still tell you with pretty good accuracy what key a song is in on the radio or what note is being played on the piano.

6. i have TERRIBLE facial recognition (aka some degree of prosopagnosia. i also attribute this (potentially) to the my early bad vision, but this is just a theory. it can be really embarrassing at times, and even insulting to others — ie, people come up to me all the time and start talking and i cannot place them until we talk for a while and i can pick up some contextual details. this doesn’t happen with people i know well, but ALL the time with professional colleagues that i only see once in a while.

so there you go. quite unspectacular i think. theoretically i am supposed to pass this on to specific others, but pretty much every blog i know that is into these things has already been hit. so i will just be negligent.

* * * * * * * * * *

on another note, i survived my first call night. i had forgotten the physiologic horror of staying awake and moving for 33 hours with just one 1.5 hour rest period. i don’t know how i could have made it if i didn’t sneak in that nap. my brain circuitry just does not work after this many hours awake, and my whole body just feels trashed. it amazes me how studies have even shown that impairments after sleep deprivation are similar to that of being legally intoxicated with alcohol, yet we are still allowed to care for patient (and drive home!) in that state. ugh!

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