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August 25, 2008

i’m so happy to be entering the last week of this rotation. i sort of can’t believe i’m on call already again, but the fact that that this is one of only 2 PICU call nights left will hopefully keep me going throughout the night. i wish i could say i was feeling refreshed from my time off, but . . . i’m just not. despite getting in as much sleep as i could over the weekend (and that’s pretty much ALL i did, aside from running, housework, and spending all of our cash on a running toy), i’m still très tired.

maybe things will improve once my caffeine kicks in.

a random picture of all the things that weigh down my white coat each day

from top left, going by rows: pens (both black and a color), drug card, prescriptions, pager, ID badge (turned backwards), keys to our resident lounge/my mailbox, PALS algorithms, big phat PICU handbook, calculator, emergency hair elastic, small moleskin notebook that i keep follow-up info in, peds stethoscope, residency survival guide, and neonatal resuscitation guidelines.



run: 10 mile long run. because the main goal of the weekend was SLEEP, i was okay with missing the cooler hours of the morning and doing this run in the gym. average pace 8:57/mi, all at 0.5% incline. next week’s run will hopefully be a calibration run outside with my new polar monitor!

cooking: i took a break from cooking this weekend and we lived off of saturday’s takeout chinese for another day. i did make some fresh steamed broccoli to go with it, which improved things, along with a large dousing of tamari soy sauce. mmm, SALT.


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