August 16, 2008

i am now trying to figure out how i can fit a weekend’s worth of Household Maintenance Activities into the next 4.5 hours before bedtime. yes, a strictly enforced bedtime, which is 8 pm. stop laughing — you might go to bed at 8 too on a saturday if you had to get up at effing 4 the next day for 30 hours of call. but i digress! because today was (and still is!) a fabulous day in that i did not have to get up at that obscene hour, did not have to round until noon, and i will not be spending the night in the intensive care unit, unless i do something stupid like cut my thumb off with a kitchen knife or have a pulmonary embolism.


so far today, i have
• run 9 miles outside — and it was lovely, with blue skies, lush greenery (it’s been quite a wet summer!), and a coolness that didn’t really feel like NC in august.
• gotten my hair cut and japanese straightened (a touch up, mainly to the roots). i KNOW — based on this poll, i was supposed to wait until the end of the month, but when i looked at my schedule, this was just the perfect day and i had to go for it. i like my hair, but i think i am going to grow it longer again. this time i asked for reese witherspoon instead of victoria beckham.

things i still want to do today
• laundry
• plan out next week’s cooking and write a shopping list
• grocery shop
• speedclean bathroom
• clean up the kitchen
• take out the recycling

um, yay! all i need is a time machine, some meth (for energy), and my will to live.



run: 6 miles with some intervals:
– 1 mile @ 9:13/mi warmup
– 4 x (800m @ 7:30/mi followed by 800m @ 9:13/mi recovery)
– 1 mile @ 9:13/mi cooldown
this felt really hard. i am feeling slow these days.

cooking: has not happened in a week in this house, unless you count veggie burgers from the freezer. last night we tried a new local place called los patrillos on franklin street. my margarita was meh, my enchilada verde was meh, and i do not think we will be returning. this did not stop me from overdosing on their cuisine and absolutely passing out nearly comatose upon arrival at our doorstep. the deep sleep i fell into (thanks, tequila!) was the highlight of my day.

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