home stretch

August 28, 2008

one half-day . . .
and one call day . . .

(as in out)
(as in finito)

i know. so un-zen. in general, i am all for appreciating each day and NOT wishing life away, but i think this month warrants an exception.

my polar rs200SD came yesterday, but it is still in the box! i plan on opening it and starting to play with the HRM function today, with my first ‘real’ run with it planned for the weekend! from what i’ve read, it needs to be calibrated to be more accurate so i will plan on bringing it to the marked paved trail (american tobacco trail) that i usually run on. exciting!



workout: um, despite being jazzed about my training session, i ended up rescheduling it. and i skipped my easy run. it was absolutely disgusting outside and there was even a tornado somewhere so i just wanted to be HOME. i admit that i hate having a hole in my running schedule (and i hate working out less than 5 times/week, even though i know the sky won’t fall down or anything) but i think it was worth it, because i was able to make dinner and go to bed early for once. and honestly, fitting in runs is going to get MUCH easier in just a few days.

cooking: though i didn’t plan for it to be apocalyptically raining outside when i made this dinner, it really fit with the weather going on outside (as well as my need for comfort food). i highly recommend this rachael ray creamy chicken-apple chili. as usual with RR, i made some health-related modifications to her recipe — i used less EVOO (ha), left out the butter entirely (because actually, unknowingly we were out of butter), and sprinkled cheese on top rather than stirring it in. i loved the end result and will definitely do a repeat this fall. as shown served with some whole wheat pita and orange pepper strips. DEE-EFFING-LISH.

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