i feel like i used to not be this boring

August 17, 2008

another day of call ALREADY???!!!

seriously, i feel like i just went through this about 5 seconds ago. hopefully this one will be better than the last. yesterday i did manage to get most of the things on my list done — although the bathroom speedclean did not happen and we’re just going to have to live with it through the next couple of days. i also ended up going to sleep at 9 rather than 8, and unfortunately i do not feel even the slightest bit rested this morning. fortunately, we now have starbucks in our hospital cafeteria so if i can sneak out, a burst of artificial energy is only a few floors away.

i am racking my brain trying to think of something interesting to write about, but i feel like life has just become this crazy cycle of work/survival and there just isn’t much else there.

so i’ll just fantasize.

list of things i would do today if i didn’t have to go to work:
1. sleep until i wake up, and take a supplementary couch nap in the afternoon as well
2. go out to a relaxing brunch with the newspaper
3. in general, spend the day with josh
4. go for an easy run
5. sit out by the pool reading trashy magazines
6. go hang out with my sister in raleigh
7. read more of owen meany
8. possibly peruse banana republic (a 20%-off coupon just came in the mail)
9. paint my toenails
10. go to bed at 8.

WILD AND CRAZY, right? next weekend i have 2 full days off — i can’t wait to make these dreams come true.



run: 9 miles outside, easy paced (average = 9:24/mi). i definitely felt slow at the beginning and sped up for the last few miles. it was a really nice run, with good weather, an entertaining this american life, and lots of people out on the path.

cooking: after a mammoth (um, $180! oops!) restock at whole foods, our kitchen is open again. i made this shrimp and soba noodle salad with citrus vinaigrette, and it turned out great.


  • Reply Tanya March 10, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    I have fantasies that my life used to be something more interesting than it is now – I mean, I didn’t always come home, cook dinner, make lunch, walk dogs, and go to bed with such monotonous regularity surely!

    Your day-off wishlist sounds divine – especially the sleeping late + nap part.

  • Reply Sarah Hart-Unger March 10, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    kath: you would be great at it though — you seem like the master of multitasking an organization. for me, it’s the SLEEP DEBT that bothers me more than anything else. if i could just find a magic pill that would sub for 8 hours rest, it would be easy!

    cindy: ira is my favorite long run entertainment. i heart him, too!

    tanya: your version of ‘boring’ sounds like my fantasy life. all i need are some dogs! (which i am thinking about maybe in february, once this CALL nonsense is over with for a while!)

    runjess: oh wow, i didn’t realize that. i hope i’m not scaring you too much!

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