August 13, 2008

i cannot BELIEVE i am already on call again today! i feel like i just was. ugh. i will try to have a good night and make the best of it.

some pics to start the day:

josh (my husband for anyone reading this who doesn’t know us) is a 3rd year surgery resident and yesterday he got LOUPES in the mail. he was as excited as i would have been to get a big box from orla kiely. they are the nerdiest things ever!

pose #1: “you want me to tie those microscopic vessels together? no problem!”

pose #2: we’ll just call this one the mcsteamy

all i can say is, i’m glad i don’t have any need for those things!



workout: run so short that (to me) it barely counted (3.3 miles @ 8:57/mi), more as a warmup. 30 minute personal strength training session (i got a package of 3 as a gift and i’m using them this month!). we did lots of arms & abs.

reading: i’m completely losing my mojo here. once i start feeling resentful about how tired i am (and i have already reached that point) it is really hard to convince myself to spend more time on work at home. maybe once i have had a day to sleep in i’ll be able to get back to more of this. and i’ll try to do some stealth reading while on call tonight if there is time.

yum: also within the ‘loop’ theme, we got takeout from the loop, which is a pizza place right by our house. in addition to good (not AMAZING, but good) pizza, they have great salads. we got a pizza with spinach, tomato, and ricotta and a salad with tomato, sundried tomatoes, walnuts, and goat cheese. they accidentally added chicken, too. the nice thing about this meal is that there are lots of leftovers for us to live off of the next couple of days.


and their excellent salad . . .

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  • Reply jenny March 10, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    Hehe, I have those loupes too. We use them for micro surgeries. Gives me a migraine every time. 🙁 I hope J has a less sensitive sense of balance or whatever causes that.

    The pizza looks good!

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