numbing the pain

August 21, 2008

i enjoyed my run last night, i really did. the tempo segments felt smooth and not too hard, and it was an excellent stress release. my mood had truly improved by the end of the workout. but i am having a problem — when i get done with a run at 7 pm, there is:

a) really not sufficient time to make dinner and get to bed when i need to
b) a period of high-energy that lasts 2-3 hours after the run that makes falling asleep nearly impossible.

obviously, getting up any earlier to run in the AM is not an option, so i guess i’ll just have to deal with this situation for another 8 days. the only alternative is not to run, and i have never needed the effects on mood and overall well-being more than i do now, so that is not going to fly.


remaining call nights: counting tonight, 3!

days off still left to enjoy: 3 out of the next 11 days.

number of PICU rounds left: 8

number of times i have to actually get up this early to get to work: 5 (less than the above number because 3 of those rounds will be post-call so i’ll already be there!)

of course, i do have to go back again in january for another (shorter) round. but i will try not to think about that now. happy thoughts!



run: 6.3 miles total, 0.5% incline — 10 minute warmup @ 9:13/mi, 2 x 2 mi @ 8:00/mi with a 2 minute recovery period in between, and 10 minutes cooldown @ 9:13/mi.

cooking: i found this recipe for curry chicken salad lettuce wraps with cashews and used it to make the salad (i skipped the lettuce wrap part as that just sounds like a mess). it was good but very similar to a dinner i had just made — oh well!

also, we had these amazing pistachio ice cream bars afterwards. they are called kulfi koolfreeze — i discovered these randomly on my last trip to whole foods and now i want to try every flavor, especially the saffron. they have an incredibly exotic delicious taste and are super-creamy – like pure ice cream, just on a stick. i guess between this dessert and my run, yesterday wasn’t SUCH a bad day after all . . .

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  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    I also would rather run than sleep. We’re a bit odd, I think.

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