August 8, 2008

i’m impressed with how tired i already am. the first week isn’t even over yet! part of it is that i’m still pretty wired and not quite adjusted to the schedule of going to bed super early so that i can wake up at this ridiculous hour without feeling like i’m going to die. one benefit of cumulative fatigue, however, is that soon i will probably be able to fall sleep at any point in about 5 seconds, no matter what time it is. i guess there is a silver lining to this madness!

yesterday was very hectic — all that shuttling back and forth between clinic and the PICU! today will hopefully be better — i’m on ‘short’ so i should get to leave in the early afternoon. my plan is to get home, do some reading, and then go for my long run. hopefully the powerful 2pm NAP IMPULSE will not be too overwhelming and interfere with all that.



run: an easy-paced 5 mile run after work, 0.5% incline. i am sad that since i have to work all weekend, there will be no opportunity for an outdoor long run! i am already looking forward to getting one in the next time i am off (next saturday).

reading: spent some time while at work reading about a genetic syndrome of a patient that was going to come to us from another hospital. sadly, the patient died before they could make it.

cooking: made this super-easy couscous edamame salad with feta for dinner last night. ater my long day, i appreciated how easy it was to throw together.

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