September 22, 2008

oh MAN, i just saw this! one of my favorite albums, played from start to finish by one of my favorite bands which has LONG since broken up, right down the street from my apartment, ON MY DAY OFF!!? why couldn’t i have just seen this one week sooner? that makes me so sad.

i’ll just have to hope they decide to do it again someday. (yeah right).


i feel like this is going to be a good week. reasons:

❖ i have just one real 30-hr call, because after sunday’s night shift i will leave immediately after signout to pass my fabulous team onto another senior’s leadership.
❖ on saturday, josh and i actually have a day off TOGETHER for the first time in forever. we are going to go on a date and finally see pineapple express, which will probably rot our brains a little, but in a good way
❖ we have fun plans to celebrate my sister’s birthday with her on friday (2 days late, but we’re both on call on the actual day).
❖ i’m psyched to start half marathon training FOR REAL this time.
❖ in general, i’m feeling quite rested thanks to the best call night ever on saturday night.



i didn’t cook dinner last night (we shopped and ate at whole foods — multitasking!) — but i did make some brownies. the freezing cold store interior (what’s up with that, whole foods?) made me crave some warm chocolatey goodness, and i figured i could bring the rest to work to brighten up everyone’s monday. i just used the recipe on label of the the ghiradelli semisweet bar that i bought.

MMMM. a cozy way to end a not-so-bad call weekend.


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