bonne nuit

September 30, 2008

the end of my call night felt like an all out SPRINT, although i think it was more my mindset than any real medical drama that made it so tough. but i finished without incident, signed out, and left by 8 am with a new senior heading up what is no longer my team. almost sad, but not really. i’m tired.

the rest of the day was pure catch-up heaven. after a nap, i:

did all the laundry
anti-bacterialized the bathroom
organized my desk
went grocery shopping
had a cleansing gym session
cleaned the kitchen.

i also met with the head of our pediatric endocrine department. that meeting was informative and got me excited about some research opportunities, but made me antsy to get my application in. i will admit that it also made me nervous, because there is no guarantee i will get an endocrine slot at either duke or unc, and i think this was my first time facing that possible reality. my backup plan would be to do some general peds for a year or so and then apply for fellowship later, but . . . i don’t know.

honsetly, there is really no point in dwelling on things so i am going to try hard not to. when things settle out, i feel confident that i will end up with a good job and happy life, because i will make sure of it no matter which path i end up taking. SO YEAH.

and, good night.


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