wards and wine

September 23, 2008

i’m internless today. hopefully it won’t be too crazy and i will have some time for teaching my medical students — i feel like i really should be doing more of that than i have been. as a new senior, it is easy to get caught up in anxiety about the patients and forget that it is a teaching job as well.

things i feel like i’ve done well this month:
• kept an overall positive attitude at least most of the time
• treated my team with respect (not hard, because i DO respect them — i have had great people to work with this month)
• gotten down and dirty with intern-type tasks — this one is a mixed blessing. it helps out the intern, and helps get stuff done, but when i’m dealing with minutia there is less time for teaching and ‘big-picture’ planning for the team.
• done specific reading on issues related to my patients

things i could do better (and will next time!):
• teaching of core general peds topics to students
• reading about said topics in some sort of organized fashion so that i have things prepared to teach
• finding more evidence-based articles rather than reviews to help make medical decisions
• give specific reading/learning assignments to students and sub-Is and use them as a teaching resource as well
• keeping up my positive attitude even at 3 am (this one will always be hard for me).

5 days left (i’m not counting my day off — saturday!). i guess there is still time to work on these things!

we are lucky to live near a southern season, which is a huge gourmet store in chapel hill that also has a booming mail-order business. one of the coolest things (in my opinion) that they offer is a 12-bottle case of wine for $100 chosen by one of their experts for quality, variety, and good flavor. it is a sad commentary on our drinking lives that our march ’08 case has lasted us until now — i guess that’s 2 bottles/month! i’m excited to dive into september’s case which i picked up yesterday — lots of interesting and fun choices in there!

on running outside
the other day i asked about running outside in the early morning, and i loved the headlamp suggestion — but in discussion with my (potentially overprotective?) husband i am not sure it is the best idea. even in relatively safe chapel hill, there has been criminal activity often involving lone women and darkness — so running on empty roads pre-dawn just probably isn’t the best idea. i am also paranoid about being mauled by a dog, but i guess that’s just as possible during the daytime. HOWEVER — next month i will be starting a rotation where i can get to work later (yay!). i think that may afford me the light (and some cars driving by for less isolation) to give my AM outdoor running plan a try.



run: 7 miles total, on treadmill @ 0.5% incline
– 1 mi warmup @ 9:13/mi
– 2 x 1200m @ 7:18/mi with 400m recovery between each
– 4 x 800m @ 7:13/mi with 400m recovery between each
– 1 mi cooldown
this felt HARD! i am not used to running fast these days.

cuisine: from september cooking light, i made smoky shrimp and parmesan polenta cakes which sounds a lot fancier than it is. it made a great dinner served with some asparagus (which adds elegance to just about anything, in my opinion).photo credit: goes to josh, who is now hired as my new food photographer, because he is better at it than i am.

reading: did not happen but um, i caught up on the last episode of entourage.


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