“never undestimate the power of a shoe.”

October 24, 2008

straight out of the mouth of clinton kelly last night! my sister and i had an absolute blast at the event last night — there was wine, lots of delicious cheese, chocolate, and we got THISCLOSE to mr. kelly himself. he basically gave a Q&A session, and after the mass of women there had guzzled multiple cases of complementary wine, things got a bit rowdy. he ended up having to dodge the last question, (“where are you staying?” from a tipsy chick teetering in high heels) at the end!

the four secrets of what not to wear according to clinton:

1. professional bra fitting. i have never had one, but i wouldn’t be averse to doing so in the future. i just recently replaced my whole collection though so it will be a while. i think i did a pretty good job with the fitting, too, so i’d be interested to hear what a ‘professional’ had to say!

2. shapewear. um, i’m not really into this one. i think it’s sort of deceptive, anyway. in my opinion, the clothing should be made to flatter and fit one’s actual body, not ‘the-body-that-i-would-have-if-wrapped-up-super-tightly-in-lycra.’ plus, it sounds very uncomfortable to be all squeezed up like that. sorry, clinton. i’d rather just embrace my natural shape.

3. tailoring. apparently, 50% of the WNTW garments go to a tailor before they are worn! at 5’1″, i am no stranger to hemming pants, but i think i need to do a better job with tailoring the rest of things sometimes. in fact, my fashionista sister thinks i should have the orange j.crew coat tailored to better fit my chest/waist/hip and she is probably right. i will heed this advice, especially since i need to get the sleeves taken up a bit anyway.

4. don’t stop after trying on just 2 pairs of jeans. on the show, they film 1 HOUR for every minute that is shown. that is some serious trying-on time! clinton said he was tired of women trying on 2 pairs of jeans and then proclaiming “i’m a mutant! they don’t fit me!”. i have been guilty of this myself, so i am happy to hear that i am not alone.

so, it was pretty much awesome and i came away inspired to dress better. my sister and i were, however, quite disappointed in the fashion sense of raleigh. there were so many ill-fitting last-season sale-rack lookin’ outfits in the audience, and i don’t think anyone was doing it for a sense of irony! in my opinion, my sister was the best dressed one there.

aaaaaaaaand, i took pictures! but i am staying at her place in raleigh (i decided to crash, since i’d have to drive back for my test in the morning) so they will not be up until this afternoon. and as for the test? it was way less exciting than the evening, that’s for sure. but it wasn’t too bad, either. i’m looking forward to another day that ends at 3, and a FULL WEEKEND up ahead!


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