October 21, 2008

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aghghggh. i’m feeling jittery and completely un-zen this morning, and i don’t think even chocolate cake could solve my problem. i am feeling this way 100% because i have two deadlines approaching:

deadline #1 is that i have to give a presentation in clinic tomorrow. this is not a super-big-deal, as it’s just a li’l 20-minute powerpoint given to our attending and a few residents. but it’s amazing how procrastination can turn this wimpy assignment into a major stressor (for me, anyway). i’ve read a couple of articles and started to gather a few more, but that’s about it.

deadline #2: so i have to take step 3 of my boards this week! i’ve been decent with studying and have plowed through 90% of my crush step 3 review book, but i have only done about 25 practice questions, total. there are also questions on the exam which have a weird ‘order entry’ format and i have yet to practice this, even though everyone that i’ve talked to says this is the ONLY essential prep for step 3. oops.

there is no question: i need a PLAN OF ATTACK. and here it goes . . .

today: i will be covering the wards at work, so i will spend the afternoon finishing up looking at articles and putting together as much of the powerpoint as possible.
tonight: after a rejuvenating (hopefully) workout, i will finish putting together the presentation.
wednesday night: i will finish the last chapter of my review book and spend an hour or so with the simulation program to get used to the clinical case ‘order entry’ section

this is doable. and, the rewards will be great:

✭ hanging out with my sister AND clinton kelly on thursday night
✭ fun nights out on friday & saturday with josh
✭ an entire weekend off!

i feel better already.



workout: 6 mile interval run, 0.5% incline while reading glamour
– 1 mile warmup @ 8:57/mi
– 7 x 800m @ 7:48/mi with 90 seconds rest between each. felt pretty easy! and absolutely NO pain anywhere.
– 0.5 mile cooldown @ 8:57/mi

cooking: since i still haven’t made it to the grocery store and i have a lot going on with the rest of life right now, i have decided to go on a cooking strike this week. we have so many events in the coming days that involve dinner anyway that it seems pointless to stock the fridge. this will be a good opportunity to use up what we’ve got in the freezer and pantry, anyway.

mindfulness project, day 2: yesterday was great until i got home from work and became overwhelmed by everything, as detailed above. i actually had a very enjoyable time in clinic, both my AM endocrine and PM neuro experiences. there were a few frustrating encounters in the afternoon (and it was quite a late clinic day!) but i tried to focus on just being there for the patient rather than the ticking clock and i think this worked very well. however, obviously i need to work on strategies for when i get stressed out by deadlines . . . i guess i’ll get some more practice in the next few days!


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