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October 2, 2008

i had never heard of parkour until josh and i were randomly playing with youtube (actually, we were watching this weird video for one of ben folds’ new songs, “you don’t know me”). parkour, it seems, is a mixture of gymnastics and pure recklessness and it is pretty amazing to watch. can you believe people actually DO THIS and live? amazing.

so on my quest for intubations, i guess i have both good and bad news to report.

the good: i got 100% of my attempts!

the bad: i was there for 4 hours and only got to intubate one kid! there were 4 cases, and only 2 of the 4 got intubated, but then i was told i had to share my intubation with the student CRNA. trust me, i needed the practice way more than she did! i guess i can understand, though, as it would be rather lame for her education if residents stole all of her procedures on a daily basis. but i was still sad the day was not more high-yield. i did gain an appreciation for how painful and annoying it is to stand around for hours in an operating room. i have NO idea how josh does it. ugh!

i didn’t do any reading or endocrine application stuff after work yesterday — and with step 3, elective readings, and my applications all needing my attention this month, i need to get on it. i have loved working out in the mornings, but i need to use some of my extra evening time to do something productive, at least for 30-45 minutes each night. i will get on this starting today!



run: a very slow/easy 4.6 miles in the morning, outside in the dark! the first half was done with my badass running friend siobhan, who has been fearlessly doing dark runs for the last few weeks, but i had to leave her behind because i didn’t have time to go as far as she was running! it was a little scary and i don’t think i’m ready to do it on my own, but i did really enjoy it. maybe once daylight savings hits, i will be able go out alone with it a bit less pitchblack.

cooking: we took our classic cop-out and ordered pizza and salad from our nearby loop.


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