call #6 . . .

November 17, 2008

was actually not all that bad! it was a fairly quiet night, i had a lovely fellow and nurse practitioner on with me, and i even got to sleep 2 hours. the only big stressor was that there was this threat of preemie triplets hanging over all of our heads, but i telepathically willed that woman’s uterus to stop fussing and just CHILL OUT ALREADY and it somehow worked.
from can you even imagine???

i am about to head out to the gym for an easy run and some weights. hopefully things will feel easier than they did last week! psychologically, i am feeling better overall because i am finally seeing the light at the end of this (rather grueling) rotation. we had new interns come on today which really reinforced the fact that my time is almost through! one ‘real’ call and one 24-hour shift left, and then i get to have vacation and to live like a normal person for a month!


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  • Reply Sarah Hart-Unger March 10, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    yeah good point. i think i was a little post-call when i posted that! maybe he’s an older brother?

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