electoral madness

November 4, 2008

i am excited (although still nervous) for today! i’m 28 years old, and so this may be the first time the candidate i voted for will actually WIN! i still vividly remember the anguish of 2000 when gore was ahead, won the popular vote, and lost anyway. i was an RA in our college dorm, and this bratty republican freshman was sneering in my face, adding insult to injury. a quick google search (yep, i have no shame) tells me that our loyalties have not changed and he will not be super-thrilled about today!

anyway, the map is looking good. today i have NICU rounds and then clinic — and i will definitely be sneaking looks at cnn.com all day between patients (what? they’ll probably want updates anyway!). i am glad i voted early, because i don’t know when i would be able to do so today!

and on a completely unrelated note
so my gym just closed one of its 2 branches, and all the members have been shunted to my location. i really love my gym — it is peaceful, with a quiet and calming vibe, and there is always a treadmill open (with no time limit!). unfortunately, all that seems to have changed with the instant onslaught of new members. it has now become zoo-like, filled with stressed-out coeds studying on the ellipticals, and i had to wait a few minutes before i could start my workout. also, apparently the old branch had people who like to hang out naked in the locker rooms. while i definitely see how viewing a rather large middle-aged woman in all of her glory can be motivating to get in a good workout, it just isn’t my scene. my contract ends in april and i might end up switching — we’ll see how things go as they make more attempts to accomodate the new members.



workout: 40 minutes elliptical (4.6 fake miles) + 20 minutes weights
– 2 x 10 pushups
– lat pull-downs, 2 x 12, 45 lbs
– plie squats, 2 x 12, 12 lbs
– seated row, 2 x 12, 40 lbs
– lunges, 2 x 12, 8 lbs each hand
– ab roll-ins, 2 x 12 with ball

cooking: i know i said i would make lasagna, but this just wasn’t happening when i arrived home from the gym at 7:20 pm. instead, i switched things around and whipped up RR’s red-pepper-pasta-stuffed peppers, although i substituted goat cheese for the parmesan because we had it laying around and the combo of red peppers/goat cheese makes me swoon. next time, i think this would be great with some ground lamb as well for more protein and an earthy flavor contrast.

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    I love stuffed peppers. That looks ridiculously good.

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