November 22, 2008

oh man. do i really want to go for an outdoor long run in these conditions? i am worried my face will freeze off or something. but i guess i will never know until i try . . .

yesterday’s nap never actually happened, which is okay. it is going to take more than one piddly afternoon snooze to erase this month of X-treme sleep deprivation. i am SO looking forward to my vacation and a whole month of sleeping each and every night in my bed.

in other news, while running yesterday i read an interesting article in marie claire yesterday about ‘smart drugs’ — ie, ADHD medications and anti-sleep cocktails such as modafinil (Provigil) and how more students and adults are using/abusing them to get work done efficiently and stay focused in our frenetic society. it’s not like it’s a complete free-for-all — in our primary care pediatrics practice, we are pretty strict about who gets ADHD medication. kids have to have forms filled out by teachers and parents documenting specific frequencies of behaviors over a good span of time before we are willing to hand out adderall or concerta. attendings are fond of saying, ‘well, we would ALL benefit from a little adderall.’

and i am sure that is true.

modafinil, a drug i’ve had my eye on for a long time, is not an ADHD medication but it is approved for shift work sleep disorder. and i PROMISE, my NICU schedule qualifies me for this diagnosis. i have often wondered if it is worth a shot.

something to think about for january in the PICU. maybe.



workout: 7 miles, 5 at tempo pace, 0.5% incline while reading marie claire
– warmup 1 mi @ 9:06/mi
– 5 miles @ 8:27/mi
– cooldown 1 mi @ 9:06/mi


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