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December 7, 2008

slug life
is it really 2 pm on sunday already? i am so used to cramming things into a shortened weekend that it seems unfathomable to me that i have gotten absolutely nada accomplished in the past 1.5 days off other than a 10 mile run and recovery from a virus. i guess those are worthy accomplishments, but let’s face it:

(photo from

the laundry ain’t gonna wash itself.

and the idea of starting the week without a semi-decently organized apartment and clean clothes to wear is just not acceptable. so i will start getting things done now. fortunately, i am over last week’s ailment and ready to rock!

last night’s dinner was lots of fun — but sad because it was a goodbye for close friends who are moving across the country. this has become a common theme (d. and a., we miss you!!!) and it is only going to get worse in a year and a half when my resident compatriots all scatter about to various fellowships and such. possibly even sadder than dinner was this morning’s long run, which was the last with s. (the same one headed west from dinner). we have had countless tobacco trail experiences together, and she is one of the biggest running nerds i know, the kind who will let me go off on the merits of pfitzinger vs. daniels vs. runner’s world ultimate and know EXACTLY what i am saying.

at least now i have an excuse to meet up at destination races. this morning at brunch, josh brought up maui . . . i hope he was serious.

doin’ time with martha
my cookthrough project begins this week! i am very excited. interestingly, i have a feeling that cookthrough chronicles are going to get a huge popularity boost once julie and julia comes out. the movie is based on this book:
the above is a memoir based on a blog that julie powell, a twenty-something new york secretary, wrote about her experiences cooking her way through (alllll the way through) julia child’s mastering the art of french cooking. it was a fun read, and sort of an inspiration for doin’ time, although to be honest i think i am just indulging my slightly obsessive tendencies which cause me to like that sort of project.

anyway, i am about to pick out this week’s selections. as usual, they will be posted on the sidebar, with pictures and descriptions to come!


run: yesterday, none — it was sick day #2 for the week.

cooking: no — but i had a fabulous culinary experience at il palio. they brought complimentary shot-glass-sized tomato bisques to start, then s. and i split artichoke stuffed with crab — probably my favorite part! both josh and i had grouper with sweet potatoes and leek confit with black truffles for dinner, and we split some tiramisu for dessert. s. had an amazing entree as well that i tasted, which was whole wheat tagliatelle with braised duck. MMM. the food was very fresh, and the portions were of human proportions rather than large mammal-sized, which i always appreciate, as i prefer quality to quantity! i would definitely go back — especially since the place is literally 5 minutes from our house. uber-convenient!


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