february spring

February 9, 2009

i can’t believe it’s already monday! yesterday went by in such a blur — from my early long run straight to my emergency department shift, my adrenaline was definitely going all day, and i’m feeling it now! hopefully my giant mug o’ joe will take effect sooner rather than later.

yesterday, an anonymous reader commented, “i am working today as well. actually lots of people work on weekends and don’t get to sleep 12 hours! we all try to get our running in when we can. 🙂

anonymous, you are so right! if you think about it, tons of people work on weekends — people who work in stores, lots of professionals who are just overloaded with work, students with projects due, ANYONE in any kind of medical field, and of course anyone with children, because that kind of work (even though it is wonderful and rewarding) never stops. your comment put things into perspective and helped me to stop feeling (unnecessarily) sorry for myself. sometimes it just seems like you’re the only one on the road when driving to work on a sunday morning, though, you know? but the truth is, sleeping 12 hours is probably the exception rather than the rule (i was being tongue and cheek with the number 12, by the way — even i don’t think i could sleep for that long!).

while i’m a little bummed that it’s monday, it should be another relatively nice week. lots of different clinic experiences, time to hit the gym before work, and a FULL weekend off waiting for me at the end! actually, for the next fifteen weekends, i am only scheduled to work two of them (plus i’m on backup for one). basically, as residency goes, that is schedule paradise.

in other good news, this is why i love NC

has spring sprung? let’s hope so!



workout: 12 miles in hilly chapel hill, average 9:18/mi pace. i was happy with this since my legs were still sore from the 5K the day before!
stats for the past week:
• miles run: 33 (plus 40 minutes elliptical)
• weights: x 1. oops! with the race and all of saturday’s activities, i didn’t get my second strength workout in.
• yoga: x 0.
this week’s totals should look better!

reading: none — i thought i might get through an article through some down time in the ED, but there was no down time. oh well.


  • Reply Jess March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    12 miles before 12 hours of work, and the day after a race too. You’re an inspiration!

  • Reply atilla March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    add 15 – 20 degrees and you’d have why i love florida..and by the way,what a game saturday!

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