February 14, 2009

♥♥♥♥ happy valentine’s day! ♥♥♥♥

v-day is definitely one of my favorite holidays. growing up, i loved the cheesy exchanges of paper cards signed and put into ‘mailboxes’ on each other’s desks (do kids still do that?).

even better were the elaborate v-day morning scavenger hunts lovingly designed by my father, where a series of written clues would lead to an inevitable box of chocolates (INDIVIDUAL boxes for my sister and me — how decadent). when we got older, challenging twists were added. for example, one year all of the clues were in french — quelle surprise! i am definitely planning on continuing that tradition with our future kids someday.

and josh and i have our own spin on things. since he is on call today (thanks, UNC), we celebrated last night. i was psyched for our seventh valentine’s day together!! our tradition, which began at v-day #1 in 2003, is to drink champagne accompanied by such delicacies as brie and strawberries, and then to make a celebratory (but sort of random) dinner of french toast, stuffed with bananas (we’ll just call it “à la joshua”).

we had all the necessary components . . .

flowers! the calla lilies reminded me of our wedding (i had white callas and purplish-blue irises).

champagne, of course. i chose domaine carneros because it is from napa and we’re headed there in just a few months.

berries! aren’t they sexy?

the setup: complete with ripe brie and see’s chocolates from josh and my parents. without consultation, both of them selected the ‘dark heart’. they know what i like!

so we had a ball, snuggling on the couch enjoying the loot. upon polishing off the bottle of champagne together, it became more and more obvious that french toast assembly required way more dexterity and mental acuity than we were capable of. in a bubbly haze, we noted that ‘it’s happened before’, meaning that failure to actually make the french toast was also becoming a bit of tradition for us.

it was a wonderful night anyway. ain’t love grand?


plans for today
i have already done some serious cleanup of our apartment and feel SO much more together than i had felt all week! plans for the rest of the day include:

☆ cleaning & vacuuming the floors
☆ finishing up the laundry
☆ tempo run & some weights
☆ checking out the target orla kiely stuff!
☆ girls night!! dinner & he’s just not that into you with my sis



workout: 9 miles outside on hills. average 8:53/mi pace. i loved getting to do this in the AM on a weekday! i still got to work at 9 but felt like i had already accomplished SO much.

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  • Reply atilla March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    valentine’s day sounded gr8. keep up the tradition

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