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March 26, 2009

time and tanita
i can’t believe it’s already thursday! starting out this week post-call has made this week seem about 3 seconds long. i really do think there is truth to the adage that the older you get, the faster time seems to move. maybe because after gaining some perspective, one starts to realize how short life actually is? whatever the mechanism, it’s pretty amazing how months seem to fly by sometimes.

clinic was pretty relaxed yesterday. in the AM session (the healthy lifestyles part) we had very few patients, which was great because i had time to learn about the program and really focus on the kids who did show up. i also got to play with the fancy tanita body fat measuring scale, which was a little bit frightening. according to this contraption, i am made up of 23% fat. this sounded like a lot to me, but i was relieved to see that i am still in the fitness category according to wikipedia.

i’m not sure how accurate this scale is (wikipedia says, “not so accurate”), but i can believe it. it also calculated my BMI which is about 20. so, i’m on the smaller side with some T&A — well, let’s just say it’s not like anyone needed a fancy scale to conclude that. but it was still fun and kind of interesting.

tomorrow i’m headed to miami to meet my new niece, see family, and get some sun in the process.
while the days look lovely, i’m slightly alarmed that the lows are already in the 70s. how do people in florida manage to run without passing out on a daily basis? i’ve been heading out in our mid-40s morning weather in shorts without a problem. i love the invigorating feeling and the ability to dissipate my body heat as i generate it.

i don’t know if i’ve mentioned it here, but josh and i are planning on moving to miami after fellowship. i’m mostly ecstatic about this (for family reasons, and because winter sucks, and because it’s beautiful down there) but scared for several reasons (hurricanes, the priciness of everything compared to NC, and the fact that i do not habla español — YET). i know i will also really miss seasons — i’ve grown up with them and the idea of not having falling leaves outside to crunch on at halloween and the excitement of a well-anticipated spring coming on is sad to me. and running outside in 80 degree weather is something i have yet to master — i always come back with a beet-red face and feelings of near syncope. but i guess i’ll just have to get used to it.



workout: 45 minutes on the elliptical (in the AM) plus 30 minutes of easy yoga (in the PM). like kath found when she started doing it consistently, i am finally starting to crave long and more challenging yoga sessions! bring on the crow and the warriors . . .

doin’ time: i made martha’s chicken chilaquiles (recipe in the sidebar), which was basically chicken nachos with a chipotle twist. interestingly, this recipe used feta rather than cheddar, and i thought it was delicious that way. i used baked guiltless gourmet chile verde chips, which are a favorite in our household. on top was a dollop of full fat greek yogurt, which josh and i have decided is just as good (or better) than sour cream. it’s also cheaper! mmm.

on the side was a simple mache salad with honey-lime vinaigrette that i threw together. as always, recipes in the sidebar (although not for the vinaigrette because i made that up as i went along. sorry!)


  • Reply Lisa M March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    I learned in psychology years ago that the time moving fast thing is due to percentages…
    When you are one, one year is 100% of your life so it seems HUGE, when you’re 10, it’s 10% and so on…so our perception changes and time goes faster. Scary actually.

    What level do you do on the elliptical? I find I don’t feel like I get as good a workout as I do on the treadmill..

  • Reply Jess March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    You get used to running in the heat. I spent my first summer in Texas on the treadmill, but now I like summer running. Of course, I go early in the morning.

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