April 21, 2009

Q & A
i try to respond to questions in the comments, but i’m not always great about it, mostly because i forget. i also wonder if anyone ever checks back to see the answer! i think that i usually check back when i ask a question on someone else’s post, but not always. blogging is such a new form of communication that i’m not sure of the official etiquette, but leaving people hanging does not seem like good form.


with that, i will address yesterday’s comments front and center, since i had things to say about many of them!

runsarah said: You have the neatest physicians writing ever! Mine is so messy- maybe gel points will help me!.

actually, i don’t have the neatest physician’s handwriting — vickie does! but i may be in the running for #2. i can (and do) write pretty fast despite the neatness, and i feel like i THINK better when i write things out neatly. i do get a lot of comments on how legible my chart notes are. also, i am left-handed. i’m not sure if gel pens would improve one’s handwriting, but they are definitely fun to write with. i say get some!

susan said: I hate cleaning the bathroom! Especially the toilet. This post reminded me of one on the underwear drawer, when she talks about doctors and their pens. Check it out! the underwear drawer: one true pen

i LOVE michelle’s writing and wish to be her on a semi-regular basis. i definitely enjoyed this post. i hope i didn’t come off as a copycat; i just reaaaaaaaally enjoyed the muji experience and wanted to share. residents are crazy about their pens, after all!

kim said: You’re still going to do the half marathon in May, right? Have you thought about what your goal for the 5k is? 22:59, perhaps?

kim, are you the kim i worked with in the PICU? if so, hi! anyway, yes, i am planning to run the NC half — i officially got my entry switched. this race will also be just for fun. as for my 5k goal — 22:59 is exactly right! i just want to bust through that 23 minute barrier.

atilla said: are you a pen freak too?

i am much more of a notebook/paper freak than a pen freak, but i appreciate a nice, fine, skipless line — the better to write with on my precious stationery, and also excellent for making microfiche sized checkbox lists on my patient rosters.

vickie said: i knew that the pen would be a gateway!!

you know me too well.

A said: i can’t help but notice that everything is “x3 or x4” but the zucchini is 2 zucchini. what would freud say?

i wish there was some mystical reason buried deep in my psyche for this, but actually there is a much more practical explanation. see, i write my list by looking at recipes. when a recipe calls for 2 of something, i’ll write ‘2’. but if i am making two recipes which call for the same thing (as was the case with peppers and lemons this week), when i come across the second recipe i’ll just write “x 2” or “x 3”, whatever the case may be. also, if 3 recipes call for the same thing, then my head explodes.

da said: One good thing about your two least favorite tasks–you can listen to music (or talk radio) while you do them! I know that helps me get through bathroom cleaning.

so true. i had radioparadise blasting the whole time.

denise said: One piece of advice – be careful biking in sonoma after wine tasting! Whatever you do, don’t try to take a picture of your spouse while on the bike going down a hill after visiting 5 wineries. A serious case of road rash could ensue!

that is extremely good advice. we will take it to heart! i am not a fan of road rash.

skirt stuff
testing it out in the living room. excuse the mess and bare feet.

i went for my first run in a skirt today (not counting any cheerleading-related activities circa 1992 – 1998). the sugoi stamina did not disappoint! it is a nice length, fits well, and easily accommodates my normal running stride. the inner compression shorts did ride up to some degree, but this was not uncomfortable. the only downside was that the cute little side pocket does not fit my fat little nano. but i think i’ll survive.

josh said something like, “i’m surprised . . . it looks cute!” which i think he meant as a compliment.



workout: XT mix — 30 minutes on the elliptical and 20 on the upright bike reading marie claire.

doin’ time: lamb + mint + feta + lemon = perhaps my favorite flavor combo. this dinner of lamb with mint and peppers + spinach and feta orzo was easy and quite tasty. recipe links in the sidebar, as usual.