May 30, 2009

T – 2 hours
i have to head into work again, and i feel like i was JUST post-call (even though in reality it was more than 24 hour ago that i came home yesterday). i am feeling the urge to nap before my next shift starts, so this is going to be another quick one.

running notes
essentially, all i accomplished today was an 8-mile run, and i’m okay with that. i just don’t know why i feel so wiped out after this moderate distance — maybe the heat? even though the ambient temp was only 75, the humidity was high, making for an accuweather RealFeel of 85. and i FELT it. honestly, it felt like i was running through a honeysuckle-scented soup. i am so glad not to be training for any long distance right now, because i was SO ready to be done after my mini-long run.

my polar accelerometer did need a little recalibration, so the paces i was posting for the last few weeks (even since i changed the battery in my footpod) may have been a little slower than i was really going. the difference wasn’t enormous, though. i think i’m just slow lately. it may just be that the only way i can be semi-fast is to run tons of miles, and i can’t run tons of miles without getting hurt, so . . . yeah. strangely, i’m okay with this. as long as i can run and at least attempt to train for things, i will be happy.

i saw fellow peds resident a (the only one who reads this blog . . . or at least the only one who admits it to my face) on this run and in my heat-induced haze i didn’t even recognize her until she had already past. a: we should run together some time! although i might be too slow; you looked like you were moving. let me know!

blue shoe update
josh thinks i should get them. i’m considering it.



workout: 4 miles total on the TM, post-call. incline @ 0.5%
– 1 @ 9:13/mi
– 2 @ 8:20/mi
– 1 @ 9:13/mi

reading: an article on hormonal contraception in adolescents + 10 PREP questions.

flossing: yes. but i will admit i have not been doing it on call. unacceptable! i’ll start tonight . . .


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